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OOO «Oyatskaya keramika»
provides laboratory ceramics in compliance with GOST 9147-80
from the Russian manufacturer OOO «Oyatskaya keramika»,
and receives orders for tailored ceramic products according to customer drawings.

About us
About us

Today OOO “Oyatskaya keramika” provides laboratory ceramics for any purpose in the lab, at production, in medicine, and in trade.
We also successfully collaborate with oil-refining, metallurgical, chemical and food industries as well as with scientific and research, medical, pharmaceutical and educational institutions.

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Exhibition “AktobeNefteKhim”

On 16-18 June 2020 our company is participating in the Third International Exhibition “AktobeNefteKhim”. The exhibition is held in the city of Aktobe, Republic of Kazakhstan, 52, Abulkhair-Khan Avenue, Palace of Sports “Konys”

The exposition “AktobeNefteKhim” will be located at the mount № B-7

From August 17, 2020 gradual easing of quarantine measures, imposed in the country since July 05, 2020 has started. However, the ban on sports events, exhibitions, forums, conferences and other events with mass gathering remains in place. We are not aware yet, whether new additional measures will be introduced to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and when the ban on exhibitions is lifted. Earlier this year, we had already postponed the dates of the exhibition "AktobeNefteKhim" until October 2020 in order to carry out our obligations to you as the exhibition participants. However, due to the unstable epidemiological situation in Kazakhstan and worldwide, we made a decision to postpone the industrial exhibition "AktobeNefteKhim" in Aktobe city to June 16-18, 2021.
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We pay special attention to the quality of the goods we offer, and thus, meet the highest requirements of our customers.

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