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ООО «Oyatskaya keramika» is a retail company of the Russian Manufacturer ООО «Oyatskaya keramika» producing laboratory glassware in compliance with GOST 9147-80 of the Russian Federation.

ООО «Oyatskaya keramika»» provides laboratory ceramics for any purpose in the lab, at production, in medicine, and in trade. We also successfully collaborate with oil-refining, metallurgical, chemical and food industries as well as with scientific and research, medical, pharmaceutical and educational institutions.

Our company pays special attention to the quality of the goods we offer, and thus, meet the highest requirements of our customers.

Wide range of goods (more than 100 items) and availability of all positions in stock helps to supply customers with laboratory ceramics in a shortest time. We can offer any good in stock as well as order the product you need at the production according to your drawings.

You can always contact our managers who could answer your questions and provide detailed information on any item via phone 8 (812) 648-03-63 or email.

We are always ready for collaboration!

Sincerely yours, company's team

About us
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